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Getting Started

The first few days of CPAP or BIPAP use can be quite difficult. Here are some suggestions to help you become a successful CPAP/BIPAP user.......

Mask care

Often the source of frustration with CPAP and BIPAP is care and assembly of masks. Here are some videos to help..........                 

All about compliance

Your insurance provider may have guidelines for usage and followup appointments. This section will help you understand your requirements. 

Ask your PAP coach

Need help! Here are some common issues and suggestions....


Smallest portable CPAP on the market today
- Effective waterless humidification for      portable convenience *
- Convenient control with the AirMini app
- Premium travel bag and accessories for therapy on the go
*Currently not available when using full face masks.

DreamStation go

Whether you’re traveling for business or venturing out on the vacation of a lifetime, DreamStation Go provides an easy, reliable and portable PAP experience for users who refuse to compromise.
- Our smallest PAP machine
- Our lightest PAP at less than two pounds
- Our smallest and lightest tubing*

Transcend® mini CPAP

Transcend mini CPAP is a fully-featured CPAP device designed for your mobile lifestyle.
Small, fully-featured CPAP
TranSync compatible
Most innovative & portable CPAP in the world
Weighs less than one pound

Freedom™ CPAP Battery

The Freedom™ is the perfect solution for outdoor and travel enthusiasts. It’s great for use in tents, RVs, travel trailers, and boats. It's also ideal for those who love to travel abroad as it meets FAA requirements for lithium-ion batteries that can be taken in carry-on baggage. When inclement weather strikes you can use the Freedom™ CPAP Battery as a backup power supply during power outages so you never have to worry about another sleepless night without your CPAP machine.


Mask - Comfort covers -

Do you wear a CPAP mask but want to sleep better? A better night's sleep is just a Comfort Cover away!

  • Air leaks, red pressure marks, skin irritation? We've got you covered.
  • Provides a soft absorbent cotton/polyester blend fabric barrier between your mask and your skin reducing skin irritation.
  • Helps reduce air leaks on many mask styles. Stays in place with latex-free elastic sewn into the perimeter of the fabric.
  • Can be laundered and worn over and over.  

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